Frequently Asked Ordering Questions:

- Yes, we do wholesale/ consignment/ Team Building- Bulk discounts for our kits, please contact 

- Yes, you can find our kits at The Lebel and Creative Goods Co (Alberta Locations)

- Yes, curbside local pick-up is available

-Yes, we offer free shipping on orders over $160 within Canada, $185 to the USA and a flat rate over $110, unfortunately there is no discounted option for international/overseas shipping 

- Yes, we can easily adjust the kit if you don't need additional surfaces/needles, please contact

- Yes we are an authorized dealer for Ashford Products and will happily order in any item for you.

- All North American orders have Tracking/Insurance and ship CanadaPost/USPS, please note, due to the covid situation some parcels have been delayed during the shipping process. We have continued to dispatch orders promptly (1-3 business days), but unfortunately have no control over the postal process. Thank you for your patience and support.

- Yes, your PDF pattern (for kits with e-tutorials) is found under 'more' and is password protected (case sensitive), if you'd like it emailed just send me a message!

Frequently Asked Wool Questions:

What is Corriedale, Merino, and Shetland?

They are breeds of sheep specifically grown for their high-quality wool (see fibre selections page for more info)

What is Fleece? Roving? Top? Wool Batts? Core?

Fleece is wool as it comes off the sheep, some of these we wash for their gorgeous locks of wool, others are sent to the mill for further processing. Wool, once it has been washed and carded it is made into a ribbon of fibre called roving. Top has been combed so that the fibres are straighter, and is better suited for 2d work and spinning. Many felters like wool batts as the wool is similar to carded roving and is sold in value/bulk quantities. Core wool is what goes inside your 3d sculptures if you want your colours to go further, this is usually coarser fibre or contains more hay matter. 

What do the different needles do?

Fine (detail work - blue dot)

Medium (all-purpose - green dot)

Coarse (ground work - white dot)

Spiral (speed - purple dot)

Star (fast, all-purpose, detailed - pink dot)

Reverse Barb (creates fuzzy texture - yellow dot)

What is the wool surface? foam?

The wool surfaces we offer are designed and handmade by us for 3d sculptural work, and are available in several sizes. They are a more comfortable, eco-friendly alternative to foam. The High-density foam we use is made in Canada especially for us. It is safe to poke into, is long-lasting, and is especially suited for 2d flat work (available in several sizes).