Our popular Sheep Wool Dryer Balls are back! We make these on our farm using 100% natural Canadian Wool (non-dyed fibre), and needle felt by hand their adorable face and tail. 

They are long-lasting, eco-friendly, and make laundry so much more fun!!

Replace those anti-static sheets and fabric softeners with a healthy wool alternative which you can re-use and they last for years! Not only do they soften your clothes and reduce static, they even shorten your drying time by helping your dryer lift, separate and move the load allowing the heat to more efficiently dry your clothes. 

Get these little sheep working for you, or give them as a great housewarming gift!

This 3 pack (optimum number per load) of Laundry Balls are XL in Size (2 oz) and come in a cloth bag for when not in use.

Wool Dryer Balls