This Wool felting cushion is a more eco-friendly and durable work surface for needle felting, filled with Natural Canadian wool, tailored for a supportive and comfortable felting experience. 

Designed with the avid needle-felter in mind, it has light and dark brown sides for greater contrast, and comes in a variety of sizes to choose from to give you lots of options for working space. 

Although we offer foam in our kits (Safe, High-density, long-lasting North-American Custom made), this wool work-surface is wonderful to use and is a more environmentally friendly alternative. 

*Comes with 1 Felting Needle and Single Tulip Tool


5 " x 6" 0.85oz
4 " x 5 " (work space)
10cm x 12 cm 25g


7 " x 9 " 2.6oz
6.5" x 7.5" (working space)
16. 5cm x 19 cm 80g


9.5" x 12" 5 oz 
8.5 " x 10.5 " (working space)
20 cm x 25 cm 140 g

Needle Felting Mat (Small)