Needle Felting Wool, carded and prepared so that it's easy to felt with.

25g Wool Roving (quantity as shown, priced per colour)

This pure, new felting wool is from Western Canadian sheep, and was processed on historic equipment at the local wool Mill. To protect the wool quality and to preserve the environment, the wool was prepared and washed using mild detergent and minimal water, and the colours are from eco-friendly dyes! 

The sheep enjoy access to pasture during the day, and are kept close to home at night. They are protected from predators, wind and weather. In the winter they are fed hay and every now and then you might find a bit they've missed in the wool! The sheep are shorn at least once a year, and this is done for their wellbeing, just like having a hair cut. Due to the long Canadian winter the wool is lofty and strong.

Available in a wide range of 36 individual colours.

Colours are Listed Top to Bottom, Left to Right

Yellowstone (Heathered), Grapefruit (Heathered), Orange
Wine (Heathered), Maple Red, Peach
Fuchsia, Scottish Heather(ed), Alberta Rose
Blackberry (Heathered), Lavender, Lilac

Canadian Felting Wool, Pinks ~ Yellows ~ Reds