These exquisitely made soaps are hand felted with Corriedale wool and Soaps made by Alberta (Canada) Natural Products, free from BPA, coal tar dyes, triclosan or other artificial ingredients. These cold-pressed soaps are made with quality olive, coconut and sustainably sourced palm oil infused with botanicals, essential oils and natural colours to create a long lasting, moisture rich soap! 

Choose from adorable designs that are sure to brighten every day!

Why felted soap? Giving soap a wool coating acts to conserve the soap, and the wool felt will gradually continue to shrink as you use the soap. The wool not only creates a beautiful design to enjoy, it is anti-bacterial (anti-microbial), makes the soap easier to hold, prevents soggy soap dishes, and gently exfoliates the skin!

The remaining felt, once your soap has been all used up, works as a great way to keep your clothes smelling fresh in your draw (add essential oils). Or it can be used in cleaning (eg. for sinks/ whiteboards). Wool is also a biodegradable, renewable resource. A great gift, or for taking camping.



Felted Soap