Paint your own Border Collie & Farm with this wonderful kit designed for anyone interested in painting with wool! Suitable for all levels.

Makes a fun craft/ art gift for the Sheep enthusiast! E-tutorial goes through how to paint with wool ~ follow the photos and diagram step by step.

It comes with:

- 60 g Easy to felt Corriedale (sheep) wool colours
- E-Tutorial Instruction with Photos and Pattern (website PDF)
- 100% North American Made High-Density Felting Surface 12"x8"x1.5" (large)
- 2 Colour-coded Felting Needles (Fine & Medium)
- 2 Sheets of Wool Felt Backing/ Canvas (10"x12" & 8"x8")

Comes in a light-weight resealable plastic bag. 

This is a Complete Kit - all supplies included, makes one 8x10" Border Collie & Flock, and one 5x5" Tractor Design to use up extra wool.

Border Collie Farm Felting Kit